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Amherst Routs Commerce 69-28

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

2/3/22 * 1:14 PM

(AMHERST) - The Raiders from the High School of Commerce went northeast to take on the Hurricanes of Amherst-Pelham Regional HS. The Hurricanes beat Westfield on Monday. HSC has not won a game yet this season.

In the first quarter, HSC came out playing very good basketball. They weren’t perfect but they had an early lead on Amherst 11-3. It seemed like Amherst expected an easy game because HSC is winless.

HSC came to play, in the first quarter.

The Raiders led 15-13 at the end of the first.

Amherst took control of the game in the second quarter and didn’t look back. HSC had multiple turnovers. An HSC player missed six consecutive FT shots that could have helped keep HSC in the game.

Amherst led at halftime 33-19.

The second half for HSC was abysmal. They scored 9 points in two quarters. Too many turnovers; players not knowing where they are supposed to be; confusion amongst the players on substitutions.

Amherst, without Isa Castro-McCauley, routed HSC 69-28.

Zayd Sadiq scored a game-high 17 points for the Hurricances. Ian Waite scored 12 points; Evan Stewart chipped in 8 points.

Yiani Gedeon scored a team-high 7 points for HSC. “Dae Dae” Reid, Jalen Andrews and Kevaun Coakley scored 6 points each.

HSC falls to 0-8. They play Paulo Freire SJCS today (2/3). Amherst improves to 11-4.

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