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BASKETBULL: HoopsFest ‘21 - Day 1

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

12/16/21 * 12:00 PM

(SPRINGFIELD) - Yesterday was the first day of BASKETBULL: HoopsFest. HoopsFest is a basketball showcase for private High Schools. This event is being held at The South End Community Center, in Springfield, MA.

On Day 1, I wanted to see the final two games: Suffield Academy vs. Phillips Andover and First Love vs. Springfield Commonwealth Academy.

Suffield vs. Andover

Phillips Andover has 3 players from Western Massachusetts. Colby Duggan is from Monson. Eric Tynes and Davian McDonald are from Springfield.

(Eric Tynes)

Andover struggled on offense all night. Duggan and Tynes led them in scoring. Duggan had 18 points; Tynes had 15 points.

Suffield Academy moved the ball well. They also hit 14 3s; Andover made five 3s.

McDonald got some minutes in each half. He scored 3 points. He played well on defense.

Suffield beat Andover 67-55.

First Love vs.

Springfield Commonwealth Academy

In the first half, SCA came out fast to start but their offense stagnated. That allowed First Love to get back in the game. First Love struggled to get easy shots.

Eleven SCA players scored on Wednesday. They received a lot of foul calls while First Love guards were bringing the ball up the court. New HC Antonio Anderson had to use a lot of players.

SCA has more developed talent than First Love. Even through some turmoil and a late come back, SCA beat First Love 68-64.

Justin Perez had a team high 15 points for SCA. Kanye Wavezwa had 11 points. Isaiah Miranda had 10 points.

Tariq Francis, First Love, scored a game-high 16 points. Nathan Tshamala scored 12 points.

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