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BASKETBULL: The Summer Championships

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

AAU teams from around the Northeast travelled to Springfield, MA last weekend for BASKETBULL: The Summer Championships. This was the last BASKETBULL tournament of the summer. Most of the teams at The Summer Championships had been in BASKETBULL tournaments earlier in the summer/spring.

(Top Structure discussing things in a timeout)

(BCRI team huddle)

The other BASKETBULL tournaments & showcases were great. The Summer Championships had a different component: NCAA college coaches. The Summer Championships was an NCAA-sanctioned event - in Springfield, MA. Coaches from Divisions 1, 2 & 3 were in attendance.

BASKETBULL is one of the premier tournament & showcase series in New England. AAU teams anticipate coming to BASKETBULL tournaments and showcases.

(Dion Brown)

(Brandon Harris)

Also, this event was open to the general public.

(Tristan Joseph, Rise Above Basketball)

Thank you to UMass-Amherst Sophomore Dyondre Dominguez for attending an event in Springfield, MA.

I was only at the MassMutual Center last weekend. Most of the games were in the competitive 17u Division. 50 teams were in that Division.

(Tristan Joseph attempts a jump shot)

(Team NYC huddle)

The 15u & 16u championships were played at the MMC. I watched the 15u championship game: Boys 2 Men vs. Hoop Nerds Elite. I saw the 17u B2M team play at The Collision in NYC; HNE is led by former UMass star Lou Roe.

(From left to right: Lou Roe gives instruction to one his players; George Holmes gives instruction to one of his players)

(Coach George Holmes, B2M 15u)

(HNE Coach Lou Roe with some words for #2 Aiden Jeamel)

(Michael Goggins)

(B2M in a timeout)

(B2M in a timeout)

B2M won the 15u Championship. They endured a close game. After the victory, they convened a long post-game huddle.

DTX won the A-Division 17u championship.

One Dream won the B-Division 17u championship.

The Summer Championships was a great way to end the BASKETBULL summer AAU season.

All the young men played hard and with purpose. The staff at the MassMutual Center was diligent and helpful. There were no issues from the crowd at this phenomenal event in Springfield, MA. The NCAA coaches watched players with a keen eye [NAIA and JUCO schools were also at BASKETBULL].

The day after the tournament, I received a call from a parent whose son was on a team from outside of New England. The parent informed me that the team would “definitely” be back next year. The parent also said BASKETBULL was a “great” “well ran” tournament.



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