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Central over Minnechaug 39-17

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

If you follow me on Instagram - fpsports413 - you would have seen my point of view on Saturday afternoon around 2 PM.

I left the Commerce/Ludlow game and surprisingly I wasn’t tired. I don’t have a “deadline” to post any story 😊so I was riding around Springfield. I was in the Bay St. area and saw a football game ending. Chicopee beat Putnam 21-6.

I decided to take the “opportunity” and cover a public school in Springfield.

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I haven’t covered one game at a public school in Springfield. The best decision for me to cover Minnechaug @ Central, Part 2, was to watch the game and take pictures from Bay St.

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X said, “By any means necessary”.

Since I wasn’t able to cover a game like other media, I can only give you what I can.

Minnechaug controlled the game early. They went up on Central 14-0, with two pass TDs by Jeremy Diehl.

Central outscored Minnechaug 39-3 after that point.

The stand out for Central was their RB, Marcus Crawford. His agility is very good. He has good speed. He has very good hands for a RB. The 2nd TD pass Crawford caught, he ran a great route out of the backfield, right past the LB for Minnechaug. Central QB Will Watson threw his best pass of game, that I saw, on that play.

Now lets get to QB Watson. It’s only one game so I need to see more but he did impress me, from my position on Bay St. The biggest thing that jumped out was his running ability. Defenders had a hard time corralling him as he galloped down the field on some plays. He is elusive and agile.

I’d like to see him pass the ball more.

After the first two drives, Central’s defense clamped down on the Minnechaug offense. The handful of plays that worked in the first half were cut short in the second.

Central outscored Minnechaug in the 2nd half 19-0.

Central won 39-17.

Nothing else to report because I wasn’t on the field 🤔.

“By Any Means” 🪓


Fall 2 🍁

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