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Holyoke Survives Overtime Scare from Sci-Tech 83-79

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

2/16/22 * 4:58 PM

(HOLYOKE) - The High School of Science and Technology, known locally as “Sci-Tech”, travelled northwest to take on Holyoke HS.

(Sci-Tech HC Shalka Rivera coaching his team in a timeout)

(Holyoke team huddle)

Tuesday was Senior Night for six Holyoke Seniors: Niko Consedine; Lordi Smith; Pat Gubala; Jamiel Rivera; “Mo” Silva; Adrix Madera; Jael Cabrera. The Seniors from the cheerleading team were also celebrated.

Sci-Tech beat Holyoke in Springfield earlier this season. Holyoke wanted to even the series and get a win on a special night.

Holyoke started two Seniors that don’t normally start and Sci-Tech took advantage of that. Hussein Kabir and Andrew Mabry led the offensive attack for Sci-Tech early.

(Hussein Kabir)

Jael Cabrera got into the game and asserted himself immediately. He scored 12 points in the first quarter. He attacked the basket relentlessly. He made tough contested layups over Sci-Tech defenders that had a chance to block him.

Once all the Holyoke Seniors got some playing time, HC Juan Maldonaldo put in his normal starting lineup including Roel Figueroa. The game was close. Holyoke led after one quarter, 18-16.

Both offenses slowed down in the second quarter. Holyoke couldn’t get to the basket as easy as they had in the first quarter. Sci-Tech was forcing shots. They had to work on offense for every FGA*. They didn’t get many easy layups. Holyoke led at halftime 34-29.

(Layup by Corey Durant)

Holyoke controlled most of the third quarter. Figueroa and Cabrera were in the lane all game. Both players attacked the basket hard on Tuesday. Figueroa got to the FT-line many times on Tuesday night. Sci-Tech started to comeback at the end of the third. Mabry scored 9 points in the third to keep Sci-Tech in the game. Holyoke led going into the fourth quarter 49-46.

(Layup by Roel Figueroa)

(Layup by Roel Figueroa)

Similar to Holyoke’s win over Pope Francis, this fourth quarter was exciting and suspenseful. Sci-Tech forced more turnovers in the fourth, which created a few more possessions for them to score. Hussein Kabir hit 2 FTs that temporarily gave Sci-Tech the lead 56-55.

Sci-Tech was up by one 61-60. Kabir hit a three to put Sci-Tech ahead 64-60. On the other end, Shawn Rivera hit a three to narrow the lead 64-63.

(Three by Shawn Rivera)

Cabrera scored on a putback layup off of a missed shot. That score put Holyoke up 65-64.

Kabir came down the court for Sci-Tech, got past his defender, got into the lane and went up for a layup. He made the layup and was fouled. He made the FT and Sci-Tech led 67-65.

(Jael Cabrera putback; Hussein Kabir layup)

On Holyoke’s next possession, Figueroa drove to the basket and was fouled. He made both FTs.

Sci-Tech didn’t get a good shot up and the game went into overtime.

Holyoke jumped out early in OT, again. They got to the basket for easy layups. Sci-Tech didn’t have another run in them. Holyoke was triumphant on Senior Night 83-79.

(Layup by Roel Figueroa)

Roel Figueroa scored a game-high 28 points (10 FGs, 8 FTs, zero 3-pters). Jael Cabrera had 24 points in his final regular season home game.

Hussein Kabir and Andrew Mabry had 19 points each. Corey Durant scored 14 points.

Holyoke is 12-5; Sci-Tech is 6-10.

*Field Goal Attempt


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