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I Don’t Understand

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

The hyperbolic and robust pessimism about the Brooklyn Nets is confusing. I don’t understand it.

Three perennial All-Stars, 2 MVPs and all the Sports Media is talking about is how it won’t work, even before the newly assembled team had played a game yet.

The Brooklyn Nets acquired James Harden from the Houston Rockets. He joins Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving hasn’t played since the first week of January for “personal reasons”. Many on ESPN and FS1 have called Kyrie a “problem”; one broadcaster suggested he retire.

James Harden pushed his way out of Houston, so some are questioning his character and his motives.

Kevin Durant continues to get better after missing an entire season due to an “Achilles”* tendon injury.

The combination of these 3 men = 🏆. They can win the NBA Championship this year.

So, why so much pessimism from the Sports Media?

Similar to terrorists, Sports Media broadcasters are keen at preying on “soft targets”.

James Harden is great offensively but he has disappeared in most consequential playoff games. Also, his body is fodder for many men in Sports Media and for Twitter weirdos.

Kevin Durant had “burner social media accounts” and doesn’t seem fulfilled with his rings from Golden State.

Kyrie speaks against systems that benefit Sports Media broadcasters, namely systematic racism and white nationalism.

This out-right hate shrouded in pessimism has been identified by FP SPORTS and if the NBA season plays out, the Nets have the best chance to win the NBA 🏆.

To date, only Durant and Harden have played together for the Nets. They have played in 2 games and have won 2 games.

Kyrie should be back this week from his short sabbatical.

I believe each of these superstars will do what is necessary so they can put themselves in the best position to win an NBA championship, this season. All 3 will have to sacrifice shots; the Sports Media [mainly ESPN & FS1] thinks that only Kyrie will be impacted, which will precipitate some type of “problem” from someone they have labeled a “problem”.


The Sports Media needs a bigger sample size than 0 before they extrapolate outcomes. It’s not the broadcasters fault entirely either. It’s fugazy “producers” that generate terrible questions/topics.



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