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Lions beat Pioneers 54-41 (JV)

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The Varsity opened the show for the JV tonight.

After the Varsity win, the Lions JV were up to close out the show, which they did 54-41.

(Final score of Lions/Pioneers JV)

The game was pretty much like the Varsity game - up-and-down/back-and-forth. The Lions were too much for the Pioneers in the paint. The Ludlow JV has about 4 players who are 6' or taller.

(From left to right: Ray Croteau (Blue #43), Dan McKenney (White #20), Yuho Jang (White #24), Enzo Botta (White #30))

Both teams played hard but Ludlow had more players than Pathfinder and more practice time.

Currently, Pathfinder cannot use their home gym. The Town of Palmer is using the Pathfinder gymnasium for COVID-19 purposes.

(Austin Lagimoniere goes up for layup)

Players to look for next year:

Ludlow: Dan Kruta, Jacob Kosta, Aaron Little, Dan McKenney and Yuho Jang. Kruta is probably the player "most ready" to play Varsity next season. McKenney is a short effective PG; he is fast and has very good dribbling skills and a decent jump shot.

Pathfinder: Austin Lagimoniere, Adrien Moskovitz and Hunter Griswold. Lagimoniere and Griswold played "split". Lagimoniere is good but gets too frenetic at times. Moskovitz has good energy. He needs more game-play but he has good instincts.

(Austin Lagimoniere looks ball in)

Scorers for Ludlow:

Dan Kruta - 11 points

Aaron Little & Jacob Kosta - 10 points each

Mike Sternowski Jr. - 7 points

Dan McKenney - 6 points

Yuho Jang & Stephen Goodreau - 4 points each

Anthonie Emco - 2 points

(Dan McKenney)

Scorers for Pathfinder:

Austin Lagimoniere - 12 points

Adrien Moskovitz - 10 points

Hunter Griswold - 8 points

Rich Gula - 7 points

Cam Zoto - 4 points

(Rich Gula)

(Dan McKenney)

(Enzo Botta and Dan Kruta)

(Ludlow team huddle)

(Austin Lagimoniere shoots FT)

(Dan Kruta)

(Austin Lagimoniere shoots FT)

(Austin Lagimoniere shoots FT)

(Rich Gula shoots FT)

(Rich Gula attempts jump-shot)

(Mason Peltier)

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