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Paulo Freire Wins Easily Over Innovation Academy 78-57

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

3/4/22 * 2:04 PM

(SOUTH END, SPRINGFIELD) - Innovation Academy (Tynsborough, MA) travelled to Western Mass for their second MIAA State Tournament game. They beat Athol by one point, 61-60, earlier in the week.

On Thursday, Innovation Academy faced Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School. Paulo Freire is the #4 seed in Division 5; Innovation Academy was the #36 seed.

This game got away from Innovation Academy in the first quarter. Paulo Freire’s press and defensive pressure were too much for Innovation Academy for most of the game.

Most of the game was played by Paulo Freire reserve players.

Paulo led at the end of the 3rd quarter 70-34.

Innovation Academy made a decent run in the fourth quarter. They outscored Paulo Freire 23-8. The deficit from the previous three quarters was too large to overcome though.

Paulo Freire beat Innovation Academy, comfortably, 78-57.

Trevor Mims scored a team-high 14 points for Paulo Freire. Emmanuel Cruz scored 13 points.

(Trevor Mims hits a 3)

Derrick Twum scored a game-high 18 points for Innovation Academy.


After the game, I spoke with Paulo Freire interim HC Jonathan Davila.

How did you feel coming into the new State Tournament format?

“We didn’t know who we were playing. We haven’t seen [Innovation Academy] play…We had to practice hard and bring 100% to the game”.

You got your reserve players a lot minutes. What does it mean to get those guys some minutes?

“It felt good gettin’ [those] guys in the game. They are part of the team. They practice every day. They come to every game and support [the starters]. We gotta give ‘em a chance to play too”.


Paulo Freire will play the winner of Millis @ Westport.


(Layup through contact by Jeremy Conales)

(DJ Daniels to Emmanuel Cruz for a layup)

(DJ Daniels to Bryan Jimenez for a 3)


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