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By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

These Ls are relative to FPMG©️2013. In 2009, I was a part of a music label in Western Mass.

Most people don’t post the losses. I’m different though. I got so many wins 🤷🏽‍♂️ you gotta take some Ls occasionally.

First L 😢:

I tried to get an interview with Dajuan Wagner. I told him after NJSE’s game against NE6 about my connection to South NJ. After they won the championship this conversation took place:

FP SPORTS: Hey, can I interview you?

Dajuan Wagner: [head jerks back, facial expression changes]

FP SPORTS: I just want to ask you some questions about your AAU program. I don’t have any ‘gotcha’ questions.

DW: [smiles, laughs slightly] The Coach is right there; talk to him. [extends his arm to give me a pound and exits stage right]



Second L 😢

After the last game was over, I tried to get an interview with HG Director Eric Kessler Jr. 😔

FP SPORTS: Are you the tournament director?

Eric Kessler Jr.: Yes.

FP SPORTS: [hand Kessler my business card] Can I interview you for my story on your event?

EKJ: [looks at business card] Yeah, I’ll have someone in our media department email you.

FP SPORTS: [slightly confused] So, can I interview you?

EKJ: Nah [a brief explanation that I cant remember now].

[More pain]




PS: Neither one of the men were mean or rude to me in anyway. They have every right to not want to be recorded for an interview. I respect their positions.


Anyone want to start an AAU team? 👀


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