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Two-Point Conversions the Difference, Agawam over Holyoke 22-18

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

Thursday was a windy day in Holyoke. Some people recognized Earth Day.

It was Senior Day for the Purple Knights and the last game of the season for both teams. I never played football but I imagine a win on the last home game you play in HS would be nice.

Conversely, being the road team and spoiling the home team’s celebration would also be nice.

Agawam played the latter role on Thursday.

Agawam ran tough all game. They got strong running performances from RB Jermaine Norfleet, QB Griffen Levesque and RB Matt Cleavall. Norfleet and Levesque scored running TDs.

Even though Levesque is a good runner, he is an underrated passer. Every game I see, the connection is growing between Levesque and WR Jovaun Smith. He hit Smith for a deep pass down field, along the sideline, before the end of the 1st half. Smith adjusted to the ball and caught it in the air.

Levesque threw the game-winning TD pass to Nick Burbank, as Burbank’s father, Brian, watched and took pictures for Agawam.

Holyoke made some big plays in the passing game - 3 pass TDs by QB Quinn Cauley to WR Jael Cabrera. Holyoke’s offense couldn’t consistently run the ball for large gains. The Agawam defensive line played well on Thursday.

Agawam has some key pieces coming back next year - Levesque, Norfleet and Smith.

The same is true with Holyoke - Cauley and Cabrera.

Agawam beat Holyoke on Holyoke’s Senior Day, 22-18. Both teams scored 3 TDs. Agawam converted 2/3 two-point conversions; Holyoke was 0/3.

I heard a Holyoke player after the Burbank TD saying, “That’s why we gotta convert those 2-pters”. He was right.

The “regular” Fall 🏈 season will be here before we know it.

Scoring for Agawam:

Griffen Levesque - 2 total TDs: 1 run, 1 pass

Jermaine Norfleet - 1 run TD

Nick Burbank - 1 rec TD

Scoring for Holyoke:

Quinn Cauley - 3 pass TDs

Jael Cabrera - 3 rec TDs

After the game, I spoke to Agawam HC John Benjamin and Holyoke HC Joe Dutsar.

🟤Agawam HC John Benjamin🟠

How did you feel coming into this game?

“We knew it was gonna be a tough, tough test. They are one of the best teams we have played. They got a lot of good skill guys. I think the wind helped us. We are a running team and they like to throw the ball...[inaudible due to wind]...They are really well coached [inaudible due to wind]”

[Question from Masslive/Advance Local and answer from HC Benjamin]

After the West Side game, you mentioned Smith helps with play calling. Did he have input on any plays today?

“The deep pass to Smith [against Holyoke], he didn’t call that. He mighta called the one in the end-zone...”.

[Question from Masslive/Advance Local and answer from HC Benjamin]

What has Jermaine Norfleet given you this season?

“He is awesome. When ET, Elijah Torres, went down, we didn’t miss a beat when we put [Norfleet] in. He has done a fantastic job for us. He is a Junior, he’ll be back in a couple of months”.

🟣Holyoke HC Joe Dutsar⚪️

What happened with your defense on the TD from Levesque to Burbank?

“[Burbank] broke out of the...slot, into the flat, off play-action. [Our] cornerback was looking in the backfield, let [Burbank] get a step on him. [Levesque] put the ball on the money; [Burbank] caught the ball and that was it. If we were true to our assignment and read the play properly and reacted properly, we would be saying a different story right now”.

What has this class of Seniors meant to your program?

“You always want your Seniors to go off on a winning note. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that today. Our Seniors have meant a lot to us. They provide a lot of leadership, stability and direction. We are gonna miss ‘em”.

What players are you looking forward to coming back next season?

(Aidan Stark, #52)

“Certainly Jael Cabrera, Quinn Cauley, Aidan Stark, we got quite a few other kids...McClain...a bunch of kids. We are gonna return 30 kids next year. But losing this group of Seniors is gonna hurt”.


The first football season was great. Thank you to all the players, coaches and Athletic Department staff.

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