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UMass Loses, Again

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

9/19/21 * 12:05 AM


UMass apologists,

This was the game right? We could “rEAlLy judGe” UMass after the Eastern Michigan game, right?

From the top, all UMass apologists should read this sitting down, with a full box of tissues and their therapist on speed dial.

UMass is CHIPS. This wasn’t a “good” showing.

UMass needs to go to Division 2 🏈; it’s over for any type of D1 competition in Western Mass.

This team will not win more than 3 games this season.

A loss to our southern neighbors (UConn) is definitely on the horizon.

UMass 🏈 apologists,

its over for y’all 📠.

First, lets start at the beginning. FP SPORTS has applied for media access to UMass sporting events for a year now. We have been denied each time.

I had to watch this game on NESN (New England Sports Network, for those outside of NE). The Red Sox were playing on the main NESN channel so the UMass game was on NESN+.

At 3:30 PM, I turned to NESN+ to see Western Michigan beating Pittsburgh.

🚩 1 - There is no urgency to get UMass 🏈 on television. Most football fans in this area don’t truly care about ACC football. Switching to the UMass game should have been the move, if two things were true: 1. the UMass television contract w/ NESN states that whenever UMass kicks off, NESN goes to that game 2. NESN chose to put the UMass game on because they value UMass 🏈 on television. Neither of those things are true though.

So, I watched an ACC team lose another non-conference game. Pittsburgh did beat UMass a couple weeks ago 51-7 though🤷🏽‍♂️.

The UMass game came on @ 3:53 PM. They were already down 7-0. UMass was faced with a 4th&6 play. Olson threw a pass that was tipped near the line-of-scrimmage. The WR had a chance to catch the ball but didn’t.

This article isn’t a recap of the entire game. EMU ran all over “The Flagship”.

This article contains honest, educated opinions about one of the worst FBS programs in the United States of America.

🚩2 - UMass has a slow, lethargic “front-7”. In the first quarter, I saw defensive linemen and linebackers jogging on the backside of running and passing plays. That type of effort on defense will lead to defeat. Defenders on the backside should be sprinting to the ball to make a tackle or potentially force a fumble. UMass had defensive players jogging in the 1st quarter. Terrible 🤦🏽‍♂️.

EMU won this game handily. There was never a time in the game UMass was in control or threatening to comeback and really win this game.

Brady Olson looks good. I haven’t seen anything “special” but it’s only been two games.

The running game looked decent.

Josiah Johnson needs more snaps on the field. He is the best player on the UMass roster.

The UMass defense is atrocious. Any team can score 35+ on UMass for the pass 5 years. The secondary has some good players but they can’t effect the game enough to make a difference. Until UMass gets an FBS-level “front-7”, any bright spots on offense will be eclipsed by the defense.

🚩3 - UMass 🏈 apologists. I don’t know whether their allegiance is from going to the school, being from or living in Western Mass. or just being a random fan. However they got to their non-objective thoughts about a terrible sports program in Western Mass., I don’t care. UMass 🏈 is done at the FBS-level (especially if they lose to UConn). UMass has never been a destination for elite or even very good 🏈 players. A few WR from UMass have trickled into the NFL - Victor Cruz, Tajae Sharpe and Andy Isabella - but only Cruz had real success in the NFL.

This was the game all UMass fans and UMass apologists said we could “jUGDe”. What did y’all learn? I’d like to know.

I didn’t learn anything. UMass 🏈 = 🗑.

🚩4 - I recently learned about a secret society in the 4️⃣1️⃣3️⃣: “The Hampshire County Boy’s & Men’s Club”. I’m from FP, which is in Hampden County. I was unaware of THCB&MC until 2020. I can’t give too many details but this “organization” may be behind some moves in the UMass Athletic Department 🤷🏽‍♂️ 💡.

UMass is 0-3 😂.

The UMass defense is allowing 46 points per game 😢.

The “Flagship” is playing an undefeated, ranked opponent next Saturday, in the South.

If you continue to be a UMass apologist, this season could get real dark for you*.



*I root for Syracuse 🏈 so I know how dark it can get on Saturdays 💯 I’m objective though.

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