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Agawam Wins Tough Game Over Amherst 34-14

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

by Kevin McCaskill Jr.

10/1/22 * 3:10 PM

(AGAWAM) - Last night, the Hurricanes from Amherst-Pelham Regional HS travelled southwest to take on Agawam HS. These two teams are in the Suburban South* division of the PVIAC. That division is very competitive this season. Agawam came into the game 3-0; Amherst was 2-1.

The game started with an on-sides kick attempt by Agawam. Amherst recovered the ball and had very good starting position for their 1st offensive drive.

(On-side kick by Agawam to open the game)

Amherst primarily runs the “double-wing” offense. Most of the QB snaps come from under the center and two HBs flank the QB in the backfield. The Hurricanes ran the ball hard all night. Every yard they gained was earned. Once Amherst got into the redzone, Agawam’s defense tightened up. Agawam stopped Amherst on 4th & 9 @ the 17-yard line which gave Agawam their first offensive possession.

Agawam’s first drive featured, arguably, their best player RB Jaedyn Perez. Last season, he was behind a great Senior RB Jermaine Norfleet. This year, Perez is the starter and he is making a name for himself. The first play of the drive, Perez got the handoff from QB Niko Nuzzolilli and broke it for a big gain up the left sideline. One play later, Perez went up the middle and broke into the endzone. Agawam was up early 7-0.

(Run by Jaedyn Perez)

(Jaedyn Perez run TD)

Agawam got the ball back after Amherst’s 2nd offensive drive was unsuccessful. On Agawam’s drive, RB Noah Jodoin got the handoff in the backfield, found daylight and sprinted to the endzone. As Jodoin was crossing the endzone, he extended the ball out and went over the goalline. One of the referees threw a flag for excessive celebration, to the crowd’s dismay. The flag was waived off and Agawam successfully kicked the EP. They were up 14-0 in the 1st quarter.

(Noah Jodoin run TD)

After a great start, things got a little shaky for Agawam. Perez fumbled the ball after a good tackle by an Amherst defender; Amherst recovered the ball. Nuzzolilli threw an INT that was caught by Jameson Dion.

(Fumble recovered by Amherst)

(INT by Jameson Dion)

Amherst was able to score off one of the turnovers. Dion scored a run TD @ the goalline and the Hurricanes were finally on the ‘board. The EP was blocked by Agawam, so they led now 14-6.

In the second half, Agawam finally got the separation they needed. Nuzzolilli threw a strike to TE Sean Colfer in the back of the endzone for Agawam’s only pass TD of the game. Agawam was up 21-6.

(Nuzzolilli to Colfer for 6)

Nuzzolilli is replacing Griffen Levesque. Nuzzolilli isn’t the runner Levesque was. Nuzzolilli is a thrower and he has a good arm. He did get intercepted in the 1st half but he played an overall good game.

In the fourth quarter, Perez scored his 2nd TD of the game. The ball was at the 2-yard line. He got the handoff from Nuzzolilli and powered through the middle of the line and got into the endzone. The kicker missed the EP; Agawam was ahead 27-6.

(Jaedyn Perez run TD)

The Hurricanes played hard all the way until end of the game. After the Perez TD, Agawam kicked the ball off to Amherst. Ryan Mbugua caught the kickoff, weaved through defenders, broke out of a potential tackle and took the kickoff return to the endzone for a TD. The Hurricanes went for 2 and they made it. Agawam still led 27-14.

Amherst stopped Agawam on Agawam’s next drive. The Hurricanes still had a slim chance to make the game close and even tie the game.

Amherst had a chance late to cut the lead but Agawam’s defense stepped up and stopped the Hurricanes’ last 2 drives.

Agawam RB Nick Ugolini capped off the night with a 5-yard run TD. That put Agawam up 34-14.

(Nick Ugolini run TD)

Agawam beat Amherst 34-14.

Next week, Agawam (4-0) travels west to play @ Wahconah Regional; Amherst (2-2) also travels west to play @ Northampton.

*PVIAC Suburban South Division

Agawam (4-0)

East Longmeadow (4-0)

Northampton (3-0-1)

Wahconah (3-1)

Amherst (2-2)

West Springfield (1-3)


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