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Concerns about the Top 5 QBs of the 2021 NFL DRAFT

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

The only people who watch more college 🏈 than me are paid NFL scouts and NFL HCs.

I never played one snap of 🏈. I’ve never coached a down of 🏈.

Here are my rankings of the QBs in the 2021 NFL Draft and then my critiques.

  1. Mac Jones

  2. Trevor Lawrence

Thats it.

Justin Fields, Trey Lance and “The Boy Wonder” Zach Wilson will be terrible in the NFL.

Concerns/Critiques of Each QB:

  1. Mac Jones - My only concern is his maturity off the field. There have been rumors that early in his career he had a maturity issue - getting upset at “minor” things, etc. 🤷🏽‍♂️. He may have also taken a picture in a Dr. Seuss inspired costume of Barack Obama with a sign on it that read, “NOBAMA”. Also, Jones was charged with a DUI. Those things concern me more than his play. As far as football, he is a champion, an undefeated champion and helped his teammate win the Heisman. He is the best QB in this draft.

  2. Trevor Lawrence - In the Springfield/Chicopee/Holyoke media market, we get lot of ACC games. I’ve watched 3 years worth of Lawrence. Not every game but a lot. He has an elongated throwing motion. The release point of the 🏈 is way too low. He could have a problem with getting his 🏈 batted down by defensive linemen. His Sophomore season, he had a huge problem with accuracy and throwing the 🏈 to the other team. He has roughly the same athletic ability as Mac Jones. Lawrence just looks like he should be a better athlete because he is thinner.

These next three will be short. I don’t know what these “draft gurus/experts” are seeing but it’s not reality.

  1. Justin Fields - 😂 I don’t know what y’all are seeing on your televisions, projector screens, tablets or phones. Fields is an NFL backup QB. He couldn’t beat out Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason at Georgia. He was so scared of Fromm so he transferred to Ohio State. Did anyone see Ohio State play Indiana this year? If you did, you would have seen Mike Penix Jr. thoroughly outplay Fields. Unless Olave or McLaurin are running past CBs, Fields doesn’t see the field well.

  2. Zach Wilson - 😂😂 BYU is an FBS Independent school that schedules 🧁🧁. Their best game based on competition this year was against Coastal Carolina 👌🏾😂. They lost that game. The best team Wilson has played by rank was the 2019 Utah Utes. They were #14 when they played BYU. BYU lost. A young man throws a ball 60+ yards in shorts and a T-shirt, with no defense at his Pro Day and all of a sudden he is the 2nd best QB 🙅🏽‍♂️ He hasn’t played against NFL competition. In the NFL, can he consistently stay in the pocket and pass the ball? There are different athletes in the NFL at DL and LB than the players he faced at UMass and San Diego St.

  3. Trey Lance - 😂😂😂😂 1 game in the 2020 season. An FCS QB. All the praise for Lance is hypothetical “upside” because he can run 😔. All NFL QBs have to be able to make certain throws throughout a game, especially in the 4th quarter. Are the recent careers of FCS QBs Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo a positive indicator for a future FCS QB in the NFL? Devlin 🦆 Hodges from FCS Samford??

It was clear when I first started in the NFL Draft prognostications space, the people titled “experts” and “gurus” were always wrong and never identified true talent in the NFL.

I typed last year the QB evaluation in the NFL Draft process was completely broken.

In 2021, that theory is now a proven fact. A QB that played one game, AT AN FCS SCHOOL, is a projected first-round Draft pick 🤯.

We will see where these players get drafted. Then on to training camp and the 2021 regular season ⏳.


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