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Hopedale Wins Girls D5 Championship Over Hoosac Valley 55-45

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

3/21/22 * 10:10 AM

(LOWELL, MA) - The 2022 MIAA State Tournament ended on Sunday with 4 Championship Games. The second game of the day was #3 Hopedale HS vs. #1 Hoosac Valley.

These two teams were evenly matched. Hopedale got an early lead on Hoosac and never let it go.

Hopedale was lead by Bri Frongillo. She is a very good PG. She has scored 2,000+ points in her HS career.

On Sunday, she scored 11 points in the first quarter.

Avarie McGrath and Rylnn Witok kept Hoosac competitive in the first half. They each scored consistently at the basket.

Even though the game was close, Hopedale had control the entire game. Frongillo’s scoring and passing continued in the second half. Hopedale also got offensive rebounds on most of their possessions.

Hopedale beat Hoosac 55-45.

Hopedale is the Girls D5 Champion.

Frongillo scored a game-high 23 points. Lilah Casey scored 14 points.

McGrath scored 16 points for Hoosac. Witok scored 15 points.


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