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STANDOUTS FROM BASKETBULL: Hall of Fame Spring Classic

Updated: May 31, 2021

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

Day 1:

Tarique Foster (Wiz Kids)

Jayden Mills (Wiz Kids)

Aliou Cisse (Wiz Kids)

Dionte Johnson (Wiz Kids)

Trashawn Reynolds (Wiz Kids)

Melvin Evans (Wiz Kids)

Dylan Olson (CT Passion)

Alicia Mitchell (Mass Frenzy)

Taylin Byers (Mass Frenzy)

Brody Tyburski (UV Longhorns)

James Jones (Middlesex Magic (CT))

Luke Reilly (Middlesex Magic (CT))

Christian Amica (City Rocks NY)

Ben Phillips (City Rocks NY)



Ryan Vedovelli (MASS CARDINALS)


Brendan Kohberger (SYR FURY)

Jordan Pierce (CT Elite JP)

JT Turnage (CT Elite JP)

Kenneth Little V (AAVBC (CT))

Navion Thomas (AAVBC (CT))

Andrew Mayberry (SPFLD BALLERS)

Alex Barber (One Dream)

Travis Jordan (One Dream)

Bobby Wilson (SECC)

Isaiah Jones (SECC)

Day 2:

Jamel Lee (One Dream)

Samson Reilly (Middlesex Magic) [scored 84 points on Sunday]

Blaise Vespe (Jersey Drive)

Amaahd Roberts (Jersey Drive)

Aamir Hurst (Jersey Drive)

Some notes 📝:

The best individual players I saw over the two days were: James Jones, Alex Barber, Travis Jordan, Christian Amica and Luke Reilly.

The best teams I saw were the Wiz Kids and Mass Cardinals. Both teams played well together. Aliou Cisse (WK) is very athletic. Daijon Davis is a very good PG. Adam Sarlan is one of the best post players in this area. He can also shoot comfortably from FT-line range.

The best shooters I saw were Travis Jordan, Christian Amica and Samson Reilly.

All the boys, girls and young men and women played hard last weekend.

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