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Stay Tuned...

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

First guessed by FP SPORTS, Cam Newton has not fit in New England.

Newton has been great with his teammates. Newton has been great with the media (through Zoom).

The Patriots lost on Sunday to the Miami Dolphins. NE is now 6-8 and officially eliminated from the playoffs.

Newton didn’t throw or run for a TD on Sunday.

Josh McDaniels was a little more innovative.

Neither Belichick could get the defensive scheme together and for the second week in a row, the opposing RB had over 120 yards rushing.

A writer for NESN wrote that the Patriots problems, in total, were because of N’Keal Harry. 🤔.

Newton won’t throw him the ball when he is open and the OC doesn’t run plays where Harry is the primary receiver. It’s hard to produce when not given many opportunities.

Sports television producers and “on-air ‘talent’” intentionally misrepresented one quote from a decent article by USAToday. Then the 📺 people took it a step further and labeled Harry a “bust” because a trainer has his own opinion.

A rookie TE got as many targets as Harry. 🤔. If you look at the throws that Newton made to Dalton Keene, are they accurate? Is Dalton Keene a bust? Or is it N’Keal Harry’s fault Keene didn’t make the catch or that Newton didn’t make a better pass?

Jakobi Meyers is having a good season. He caught a ball, didn’t secure it fast enough and the ball got punched out; lost fumble by Meyers. I wonder how much criticism Meyers will get because he is clearly the Patriots WR1 this season. Turnovers aren’t the “Patriot Way”, especially from their best players, right?

Once again,

Cam Newton, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels are the three people to blame for this potentially losing season.

Newton has 16 total TDs: 11 rushing, 5 passing. He has passed for over 200 yards in 4 of the 13 games he has played this season.

Bill Belichick...😂. His time is coming ⏳.

Josh McDaniels, without arguably the greatest QB of all time, is a good OC and a disastrous HC.

Stay tuned because when FPM/FP SPORTS is allowed access to these games and press conferences, the whole Sports landscape of the NorthEast region will change. 💯.


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