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Purple Knights Open Their Season with Blowout; Holyoke over Putnam 51-0

By Kevin McCaskill Jr.

9/10/21 - 6:07 AM

(HOLYOKE) - The Beavers from Putnam travelled north for a road game against the Purple Knights from Holyoke HS.

Apparently, the Beavers haven’t won a game since the 2018 season.

That streak continued this week.

There was steady rain throughout the entire game. The heaviest of the rain was in the first quarter.

Holyoke WR Jael Cabrera scored the 1st TD for Holyoke on a running play. He started on the right side of the formation. Holyoke QB Quinn Cauley signaled for Cabrera to go in motion, going left. The ball was snapped, Cauley handed the ball to Cabrera and he sprinted in to the end-zone untouched.

The next 3 TDs were scored by Holyoke RB Dylan Lubold. He ran tough all night in the rain.

Then, Cabrera, who also plays DB, picked off Putnam QB’s pass attempt and returned it for a TD.

All 5 Holyoke TDs were scored in the 1st quarter 😳. They missed 2 EPs; Holyoke led Putnam after 1 quarter 33-0.

In the 2nd quarter, Lubold scored another TD on the ground. The Holyoke lead increased to 39-0.

Cauley got in on the fun and threw a TD pass to WR Ben Santos. That score put Holyoke up 45-0.

In the 2nd half, Holyoke ran the ball and threw screen passes.

Putnam didn’t get into the red-zone once on Thursday. They made some good plays throughout the game but they couldn’t break a big play for a TD or string together plays for a TD drive. Also, their starting QB was out with a concussion.

Holyoke RB Zephaniah Williams capped off the game with another run TD, which put the Purple Knights up 51-0.

Another standout for Holyoke was DL Aidan Stark. He got a lot pressure on the Putnam QBs. He was also an effective run-stopper on Thursday. The Holyoke defense overall played very well.

Putnam played hard. Hopefully they get their injured players back soon 🤞🏾.

Holyoke trounced Putnam 51-0 💨.



Dylan Lubold - 4 run TDs

Jael Cabrera- 1 run TD; 1 INT return TD

Quinn Cauley - 1 pass TD

Ben Santos - 1 rec TD

Z. Williams - 1 run TD

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